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Our Good Karma Goal

Healing Stones

Established in the city of Hercules, the company's mini-store retails basic product lines which consist of common household supplies with a main emphasis on holistic, herbal, naturopathic specialties. Karmart Stores provide support through sourcing of high-quality, non-toxic, organic & natural specialty foods & beverages and ancillary products.


Karmart's goal is to expand it’s retail presence to selected metro areas and underserved communities. Karmart model of distribution will become one of the most popular micro-businesses, and aims to repeat this nation-wide. In addition, the company will always strive to introduce a new product to the market. 

Karmart Wellness has developed strong relationships with key providers creating an indispensable partnership, thus expanding each others needs. The main focus will be to ensure all product recommendations are appropriate for every single retail base, ensure stock availability,  pricing and point-of-sale assortments, as well as promotional ideas and material.


Karmart works directly with manufacturers and local distributors to deliver the most innovative and exciting products and services to the consumer market. In addition, Karmart will focus on distributing new, groundbreaking products or services that would enable immediate access to  underserved communities.

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